1MSQFT app for Windows 8.1 makes its debut, packed with artistic culture

Here’s a unique app for you. 1MSQFT is an app for Windows 8.1 that showcases a series of art. Available for free in the Lifestyle section of the Windows Store, this app is all about culture. For those of you who admire art, this is a must-have app.

“This is One Million Square Feet of Culture. A series of spaces, guest curated by a range of cultural experts. A survey of culture one square foot at a time. It’s square feet for food at an art event. It’s square feet for art at a film event. It’s square feet for film at a fashion event. It’s square feet of culture across all creative disciplines, brought to unexpected places. Physical spaces collected digitally. A gallery of diverse creations, surveyed, shared and held together by digital walls. It’s measurable space, with a touch of the immeasurable,” the app description reads.

This official Microsoft app allows you to browse a series of spaces curated by a range of cultural experts spanning a wide variety of areas, including food, art, film, fashion, and more. 1MSQFT is being touted as a traveling survey of culture seeking to provide one million square feet of space for curation and celebration.

Hit the download link below to check out this unique app. It’s free. For more, visit 1MSQFT.com.

Thanks for the tip, Hosch!