3D Touch Technology to grace the Lumia 1520 successor reportedly due later this year

We’ve heard the Nokia ‘McLaren’ codename quite a bit now. We know that it’s a high-end flagship device, that it’s possibly the successor to the Lumia 1020, that it’s due for a Holiday 2014 launch, and that it will come with a new 3D Touch feature.

However, a new report suggests that the McLaren will only be the first device with 3D Touch technology and that a second, larger device will also feature the new tech. According to a report by Neowin, a 6-inch successor to the Lumia 1520 is also due during the same period that will in addition to 3D Touch, may also have the new Qualcomm 801 SoC on board as well. Whether or not this is same device as the rumored Lumia 1525 that evleaks reported earlier, we’re not sure.

Hopefully 3D Touch will be more than a gimmick and have practical uses that actually enhance the end user experience. It will be exciting to see how well hover gestures work with the tile-based Modern UI.

Have a look at the video below to get an idea of how 3D Touch may work when it’s finally launched. Similar to Amazon’s Fire Phone, this technology could not only be used for UI navigation, but also for gaming and accessibility.