Adobe shows off new touch-friendly version of Photoshop CC, works well with Surface Pro 3

During the event in New York City today, Microsoft unveiled the brand new Surface Pro 3, which features a gorgeous 12-inch display. On top of that, Adobe was at the event and unveiled a touch-friendly and stylus-friendly Photoshop CC, in action on the Surface Pro 3.

Details of this touch-optimized Photoshop version are still a bit scarce but what we know so far is that the UI elements and icons have been doubled in size. This allows for an easier interaction with touch and gestures, especially with pinch-to-zoom. It is quite clear that Microsoft is looking to target the new Surface Pro 3 as a device that can handle any sort of task.

No word on availability, but the app could likely be available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package. More on this as it develops.