Aerize Explorer is a simple, beautiful and functional file manager for Windows Phone

The update to 8.1 brought tons of new features to Windows Phone. From Cortana to action and notification center, the operating system looks full-fledged now. However, there is still one thing that it lacks, a file manager. That’s where Aerize Explorer for Windows Phone comes into play. It’s beautiful, free and functional.

Aerize Explorer lets you manage files and folders on both phone memory, as well as on the SD card. If facilitates basic file operations like cut, copy and paste. You can also rename and delete files from the storage memory if you want. You can move files across the phone memory and SD card, as well as share them with others via NFC, Bluetooth, Email, etc.

The user interface is minimal, yet gorgeous to look at. In my brief testing there was no lag, crash or any other annoyances. I didn’t even see any ads. If you’re looking for a file manager, give Aerize Explorer a try. You can download it from the Via link below. Let us know in the comments how you like it.