All Xbox LIVE members to receive unlimited cloud storage on Xbox One

xbox-cloud-storage-logo All Xbox LIVE members to receive unlimited cloud storage on Xbox One

With the current generation Xbox, GOLD subscribers can gain access to 512MB of cloud storage to upload save files to. The cloud storage will allow you to access whatever is uploaded to it from any console. With the Xbox One, it appears Microsoft is planning to expand this ability and offer it to all members.

Not only will cloud storage be available to all members, but the storage will be unlimited. Meaning you can upload any amount of saves you like without hitting a limit. More so, the types of files being allowed on the cloud storage has been expanded, allowing games, achievements, profiles and more.

How are Microsoft doing this you ask? Well, with SkyDrive and Windows Azure of course! Windows Azure is the backend to all servers at Microsoft, it’s the power behind SkyDrive, Bing and many more Microsoft services including Xbox One.

This is a plus to all Xbox members, as the cloud capabilities on the current generation is more than convenient. Having expanded options and unlimited storage on the Xbox One for all members is also a huge plus.

  • rjmlive

    This only adds value if you can literally upload anything, and it would be better if that included from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Kmach

    I know 500GB HDD sounds like a lot of space but remember that the DVR functionality will start to fill it up quickly. I currently have a 360 with a 320GB HDD and it is completely filled up with demo’s, music, video, installed/on demand games, and Arcade titles (they can take up to 2GB a piece!). With the ability to DVR all your gaming moments, I was scared I was going to fill up the Xbox One’s HDD way too quickly. If this unlimited cloud storage covers DVR saved files, this will be a godsend. Saving profiles and game saves on the cloud will be nice since you can access them anywhere but there needs to be more features. I am hoping that I can save DVR files and share them with friends and/or stream them on tablet devices and smart phones.

    • James Lawrence Murphy II

      If you have that much you can easily delete a demo dude…its a demo. And movies from Xbox Video don’t have to be downloaded. There’s no reason to fill up 320GB. Unless you’re a save hoarder installing every game, movie, and keeping every demo you own to the Xbox.

  • Noah Holz

    This is great! X1 just keeps getting better! :D