Amazon unveils Xbox One Media Remote, coming March 4th

There were a number of Media Center remote controls capable of handling the Xbox 360, but so far the Xbox One has received less support. Now Microsoft appears set to join Harmony in supporting the hardware with a remote.

Amazon Canada accidentally reveled the upcoming device, before quickly pulling it back down. Not, however, before images were grabbed, and a Google Cache was captured.

There is absolutely no description, but a price of $24.99 (Canada) is listed, which equates to $22.70 in the US. A release date of March 4th is also listed on the page. The remote appears to be fairly small, and contains only the simplest of buttons, including an “Xbox” one at the top.

We’ll need to wait and see on any sort of official announcement, but it certainly seems like solid evidence that the Xbox One Media Remote is on the way.