Amazon vouchers offered to Nokia Lumia 2520 owners in the UK

Not all that long ago owners of Nokia Lumia 2520 tablets were warned to stop using the supplied charger after a problem was discovered that could lead to electric shocks. Sales of the device were suspended throughout Europe, but now action is being taken by Microsoft in the UK.

Back at the time the problem was discovered, a web page was created that enabled those affected to register with the support system. Now, according to Windows Phone Central, emails are being sent out with a view to getting things sorted out.

The emails comes from Microsoft UK, as well as offering a replacement charger, customers are also being offered £80 worth of Amazon vouchers. Seems like a great deal for anyone with one of the tablets!

I’m in the UK and I’m awaiting the arrival of this email — has anyone else received one yet? How about Lumia 2520 owners in other parts of the world?