Android vs iPhone vs Windows Phone: here are the top ten factors that influence purchase

In a world full of smartphones, the choices are easy. Pick an Android smartphone, an iPhone, or a Windows Phone. Android is the popular choice, having the biggest lead in terms of market share, with iOS in second place and Windows Phone firmly in third place.

But what compels someone from purchasing a device running a specific operating system? IDC has released the top ten Purchase Drivers for the three platforms, indicating why a consumer picks a particular platform for their smartphone needs.

According to IDC, which bases the data from a survey they recently conducted, consumers who purchased a Windows Phone were concerned about a long battery life. Two other top factors included the operating system and the ease of use. Let’s face it, Windows Phone is known for its simplicity. That’s why the data reflects that 40% of those who purchased a Windows Phone device specifically purchased the device because of the operating system it ran.

As you can see in the chart below, Windows Phone goes neck and neck with Android and iOS when it comes to several factors. Interestingly enough, the chart makes no mention of apps. What are your top reasons in selecting Windows Phone over the competition? Sound off in the comments below.