Apps worth checking out: Play Random Album, Guess The Riddle, and RealPlayer Cloud

We’re starting to see more apps being developed and added to both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. In today’s app highlight post, we are going to place the spotlight on two Windows Phone apps and one Windows Store app.

First up is RealPlayer Cloud for Windows 8. Available as of January 23rd, this app allows you to upload your media to the cloud and watch it on any platform. The app is free and you get 2GB to start off.

“RealPlayer Cloud enables you to move, watch and share your videos! Upload your videos to RealPlayer Cloud and watch them on your Windows computer, Windows Tablet, iPhone, iPad, other smartphones, TV through Roku, and popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. No more worrying about formatting or converting videos, or carrying HDMI and USB cables. It just works. Get 2 GB of space when you signup – free!” the app description reads.

This app is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in having the ability to access your media on your Windows device as well as another platform. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Easy record & share videos with your friends and family with just a few clicks
  • Upload your videos to RealPlayer Cloud and watch them on your devices
  • Exchange videos from all your devices
  • Browse Web Videos and Facebook videos
  • Supports all popular formats like FLV, WMV, MKV, DIVX, XVID, MOV, AVI and MP4 through Cloud or Desktop application.

On the other hand, we have Play Random Album for Windows Phone 8. This app is very simple and is available for free. If you use your Windows Phone device as a music player and have numerous albums in the Muisc app, this neat little app will play a random album for you.

“Can’t decide on an album to listen to? Then use Play Random Album, relax, and enjoy the surprise! If you don’t like the choice, then just swipe up,” the app description reads. This app integrates with the built in Music + Videos app. The developer of the app is actively looking for feedback so he can improve it. Try it out and use the comments below to offer any feedback!

Finally, Guess The Riddle is an entertaining trivia and puzzle app that is sure to provide you with instant fun. There are hundreds of levels and hours of entertainment. You can utilize hints as well as use social media to ask for help. This app is also free. How many riddles can you beat?

Hit the download links below to snag Play Random Album and Guess The Riddle for Windows Phone 8. We’ve also added the download link to RealPlayer Cloud for Windows 8.