Ballmer unsure how long he will remain on Microsoft’s board, thinks Nadella is doing a great job

Steve Ballmer stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft last month and remained on the company’s board of directors. Now, in a new interview, Ballmer is hinting that he may not be on the board for very long. Ballmer also praises Satya Nadella, the new CEO  of Microsoft.

“It really as much as anything depends on how I see rest of my life playing out,” Ballmer stated in an interview. According to the WSJ, Ballmer’s decision to hold onto his board seat after stepping down as company CEO was controversial, at least to potential successors and analysts.

“I have a chance to really think” about what to do next, Ballmer added. Ballmer turns 58 years old today. He adds that it feels different to just be a director and not a CEO. Ballmer stated during the interview that he is much quieter in the boardroom now that he’s not a CEO. “I didn’t talk like I did when I was CEO,” he stated.

Ballmer also said that Satya Nadella is “doing a great job” but did not go into details about the new Microsoft CEO.

Ballmer announced his retirement from the CEO position back in August of last year. Microsoft named Nadella the CEO of the company in early February of this year.