Bamboo Page: an app for quick notes and sketches optimized for Windows 8.1

Looking for a new note taking app for your touch-optimized Windows 8.1 device? Check out Bamboo Page, an app for quick notes and sketches. This app is perfect for your new Surface Pro 3.

“Bamboo Page is an app for quick notes and sketches optimized for Windows 8. Capture your creative thoughts as quickly and simple as on real paper and share them instantly with colleagues and friends,” the app description reads.

The app lets you choose from a variety of colors to write and sketch with, and allows you to feel the control when using a stylus. You can choose from a variety of paper types with different textures, colors, and grids.

You can also draw or write fine lines and squeeze notes onto the page with the app’s zoom feature. When you are done, you can share your creations using various cloud services and social networks.

This app was optimized for Bamboo Pad, a touchpad by Wacom for Windows 8, but will work with any Windows 8.1 compatible stylus. Grab the app via the download link below for free.

Editor’s note: Bamboo Paper was released today. It is similar to Bamboo Page, but is a lot newer. We recommend grabbing both apps and seeing which one you like better.

Thanks for sending this in, Steveo!