Beats Music launches today, Windows Phone users have to wait until January 24th

Look out Spotify, Xbox Music, Nokia Music, et al.. you have some new competition called Beats Music. The service went live today, offering a free trial to those who downloaded the app for their respective platform – except for Windows Phone.

Beat’s Ian Rogers took it to Twitter today to mention that while the music service did launch today on Android and iOS, the app for Windows Phone 8 will not be available until Friday, January 24th. While this is bad news to some who were eagerly awaiting to try out the new service, keep in mind that the delay is only for a few days and not a few months.

“Get unlimited access to over 20 million tracks. Play Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, Speed Metal, Afro Beat, Classical, any genre. Plus expert curators to help you pick the right ones,” the music service states. Beats Music hopes to add the human touch to music curation, making your entertainment experience a bit more personal.

We’ll keep you posted once the app becomes available for Windows Phone 8. In the mean time, you can head over to to check out the service and take a look at the video promo below.