Bing adds a dynamic carousel, overhauls music video discovery

Bing has been working on developing a more natural way for people when it comes to music video discovery. Today, Microsoft presented an overhauled Bing’s music video discovery system. You can seamlessly scan through the top songs and individual albums with a dynamic carousel.

“One of the core insights driving this work is the fact that when people search for music videos it’s fundamentally different than how they search for other types of video. When we examined search session data, we realized that when people search for music videos they tend to explore rather than finding what they were looking for and then moving on,” said the Bing’s multimedia team.

Now, when you search for your favorite artist, their top songs will be shown as well and you can also browse by album, without leaving the page. After you’ve selected the album you want to listen to, all you need to do is click on the image and a list of songs will be displayed to narrow down your search.

Bing’s multimedia team also mentioned that “with over 1.7 million songs, 70,000 artists we hope this release is music to your ears. So before you launch your favorite music sharing service or download site, head over to Bing and browse what we have to offer and let us know what you think.”