Bing brings code search to its platform, find that C# you’ve been missing

Granted, code is not something the average person is searching for, but without it, nothing you’re using to read this would be possible. But there are people who need to search for these things, both as a hobby and as a job. And today Bing attempts to make it easy.

The Microsoft service is announcing “code search”. Bing worked with both Visual Studio and Research teams to make this possible. “Bing Code Search helps you find relevant code samples inside Visual Studio providing you with the ability to review and add that code in the code editor. The search is also in context so, the samples you get back in the results use the same variable name as declared in your original code,”  says Shabbar Hussain, senior program manager for Bing.

The information in the results will be pulled from multiple sources, including MSDN, StackOverflow, CSharp411 and more. The searches will use contextual recognition to grab the data being hunted for. The service is live as of now. You can grab the Bing Code Search add-in for Visual Studio 2013 via the download link below.


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