Bing gains an online calculator — in some parts of the world, at least

Bing can be used for many things: checking the weather, keeping up to date with news, getting movie listings, and of course general searching. But a new feature has suddenly appeared, seemingly with no fanfare from Microsoft. Type a calculation or equation into the search bar and you’ll not only be presented with the solution, but also a calculator that you can use to solve further problems.

At least this is the case in some parts of the world. It seems that the calculator is yet to make its presence known globally — it’s not available here in sunny Scotland, for instance – but if you do have access to it you’ll find that it is more than just a simple adding machine, but a fully-fledged scientific calculator.

The calculator can accept natural language mathematics problems if you fancy the idea of typing things out longhand without having to hunt out the relevant symbols.

Is this a feature you think you’ll be making use of, or are you happy sticking with the calculator app that is built into Windows?