Bing index shows which parts of the US are searching for Fireworks the most

The main attraction of July 4th in the USA, also known as Independence Day, comes in the form of fireworks. Interestingly, Microsoft has decided to show us insights of where Americans are purchasing and searching for fireworks, using the Bing search engine.

Chris Harland, Data Scientist at Microsoft, saw a huge spike in search term ‘Fireworks.’ “To capture this spike we can define a ‘firework index’ of sorts.  This index is the number of searches containing the phrase ‘fireworks’ divided by the total number of searches (for a given location on a given day) and we take this index as correlating to the general level of interest in fireworks. The picture becomes more interesting when we look at the geographic distribution of this index,” Harland wrote.

According to this index, the Northeast area appears to be home to the most rabid firework fans. Southern part of the country has a mild interest, while Louisiana and Mississippi are least interested in this activity. People in Rhode Island and New Hampshire are displaying the most passion regarding fireworks.

You can find out full details of this activity over at Bing Blogs.