Bing maps now has great Korean roads and landmarks across platforms

Today Microsoft has shown off how it has improved the maps in Korea. Previously the maps for a popular city such as Seoul only had eight roads! Now Seoul is accurately represented with all of the proper roads. These improvements reach across devices giving mobile and web users up to date maps of Korea.

What began as a project in October 2012 has finally be completed. The mapping of Korean roads has been a complicated process for Microsoft because there are many different complex rules governing the use of map data. Nevertheless, Microsoft has enabled all of their map styles with the updated Korean roads.

Here are some before and after of Seoul:

These updated maps include almost everything you would expect to see, such as building footprints, landmarks on the map and parks. All of this data is available to developers in the Bing Maps SDK v7 Map Control.

Do you use Bing Maps? Have you been missing the detail in Korea? Let us know in the comments below!