Bing Saves feature now available as a public beta, lets you save and share things you find on Bing

Just last month, we learned that Microsoft was working on a new feature for Bing called “Bing Saves.” This feature is intended to allow you to save, organize, and share things you find while searching Bing. Now, it appears the service is available for all to try out.

Available for access as a public beta on, you can search Bing and save content you find interesting. Keep in mind that Bing Saves is still in Beta – there is bound to be some bugs or hiccups.

Appearing as a tiny icon next to sites within the results of any search, you can utilize the Bing Saves feature. The save icon resembles the traditional floppy disk save icon seen in many programs. Save is similar to bookmarks, but works primarily with hashtags. The feature runs as an extension, or add-on, for Bing and allows the user to tag visited sites for future reference. You can even drag a “Save on Bing” bookmarklet to your toolbar. You can also simply enter a URL to save, directly on the Bing Saves website.

We toyed with the service on Internet Explorer 11 with miminal hiccups, but Bing Saves seemed to have issues working well with Chrome 32. Head over to to try out the new feature!