BitMaze is a simple yet tough game for Windows 8.1, whats your highest score?

Flappy Bird found its success due to its simplicity and challenge. While BitMaze isn’t a popular game like Flappy Bird (not yet at least), it is also a simple and challenging game for Windows 8.1. Give it a try and tell us your high score!

“Navigate through moving maze using your keyboard or onscreen controls [choose on settings]. The longer you can avoid hitting the left wall, the more points you get,” the app description reads. The game is simple. You navigate though the maze using your keyboard, but you better hurry because the left side of the screen will eat you up.

If you have a touchscreen device, an onscreen pointer is the default control. However, you can utilize a keyboard if you prefer. My highest score was 9. This game is definitely a challenge. If you find yourself looking for some entertainment, give this app a shot and share your high score in the comments below!