Build 2014: Microsoft announces free Windows for small-screened devices

Microsoft has announced that Windows for IoT (the Internet of Things) will be made available free of charge for phones and tablets that have a screen size of under 9 inches. This is big news, and a sign that Microsoft is serious about catching the Internet of Things wave before it crashes.

Microsoft executive VP Terry Myerson made the announcement saying that “we’re making Windows available for $0.”

“We really do believe in the Internet of Things. We think as the screens get smaller, the devices get smaller, the cloud gets bigger.”

Microsoft is placing more and more important on the cloud, and increased interest in the idea of the Internet of Things means that there is a huge market to be tapped into.

This is a big push for Windows and it will be extremely interesting to see the types of devices that are released in the coming months to take advantage of today’s announcement.