Check out Genstalgia, an evolving Sega Genesis emulator app optimized for Windows 8.1

Relive your youth with Genstalgia, a cool Sega Genesis emulator app that lets you play your favorite old school games. This app continues to become better with new updates, with the most recent update adding support for a six-button touch pad.

“Genstalgia is an evolving Sega Genesis emulator optimized for Windows 8 and Windows RT. To play your favorite old school games, additional game cartridge files (ROM) are required, which can be in .smd, .gen, .md, .bin and .zip file extensions,” the app description reads. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Play Sega Genesis/MegaDrive games
  • Support two XBox 360 Controllers, configurable keyboard and on-screen game pads
  • Live tile display of playing game
  • Support save and load game states
  • Provides fun retro video effects
  • Support 60Hz PC Monitors and 30Hz HDTV
  • High quality video processing filter to make game shine on HDTV

The app runs for $3.49 and a free trial is available for download. The app does not come with ROMs, so you will have to figure that part out on your own. Check out the video demonstrating the app on a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet (courtesy of our friend Steveo), and hit the download link below to snag the app.