Jul 29th

Cloud service Mega releasing official Windows Phone 8 app in Q1 2014

Cloud service Mega releasing official Windows Phone 8 app in Q1 2014

Are you looking for a new cloud service? If you’re not enjoying SkyDrive to the full extent, you will soon have another option. If you’re not familiar with Mega, the successor of MegaUpload, Mega is a cloud-based storage service. The Mega team have stated today in an email saying they do have Windows Phone users in mind, which means they are working on a Windows Phone app.

A user with nickname Cloudseeker7154 on Reddit sent an email asking the Mega team when a Windows Phone app will be available for users. The Mega team replied saying they’re planning on having a Windows Phone app ready for download sometime in early 2014.

The service is one of a kind. After MegaUpload was shut down by the government, Kim Dotcom, the owner of MegaUpload, wanted to achieve his goal of having a free and secure internet.

Mega is the "most secure" cloud service on the face of the earth, having advanced AES algorithms for encryption. It’s also very user-oriented. Basically, only you can access your files, thanks to the encryption technology that is implemented. This means the NSA won’t go snooping around your cloud drive (or will they?).

While a Mega app has recently arrived on Android and iOS phones, it’s nice to see that publishing a Windows Phone app is in their crosshairs.

Are you think about moving from SkyDrive, or any other cloud storage service, to Mega? Tell us why!

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