Dead Pixel for Windows 8.1 is both the simplest and hardest game you will ever play

If you thought Flappy Bird was a simple (yet very hard) game to play, you haven’t seen anything yet. Check out Dead Pixel The Game, for Windows 8.1. This game is very simple in its design, yet it is very hard to play.

Dead Pixel is a one-dimensional minimal action game. The goal of the game is simple. Every¬†time a pixel appears, you must gently prevent it from crashing to the bottom or from returning to the top of the screen. While you are doing this, another pixel will appear from the top. You must gently let the second pixel catch the first pixel, without crashing into it. Sounds easy? It’s not.

You can hit space, click the screen, or tap the screen to play. Give the game a try and let us know what you manage to rake in as your high score! Good luck!