Don’t be disorganized with sticky notes, use OneNote to stay organized (video)

Microsoft has rolled out two new videos highlighting the company’s OneNote product. The two videos are quite hilarious as they point out how life in the workplace can be so disorganized when using sticky notes. 

Meet Gary, a man who uses sticky notes to keep important notes. Unfortunately, this results in a mess and an overload of information. Thankfully, we have Microsoft’s OneNote product, which can help you stay organized without the mess.

With OneNote, you can take digital notes on your PC, Mac, Windows Phone, or tablet (like the Surface Pro 3). You can then gather all your ideas in your notebooks stored in the cloud with Microsoft’s OneDrive service. This way, all your notes are with you no matter what device you are on.

We’ve embedded both videos below for your viewing pleasure. Do you utilize a note taking software like OneNote? Sound off in the comments below.