E-learning platform Moodle Mobile arrives on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone

Moodle, for those who did not know, is a popular e-learning platform that has a user base of over 50 thousand registered and verified school sites, serving over 60 million users, in over 6 million courses, with over 1.2 million teachers. The official Moodle Mobile app is now available for those of you on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

Moodle, which stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, is a popular choice for schools when it comes to e-learning. Moodle allows school instructors to create online course calendars, online quizzes, class announcements, and much more. Students are also able to submit assignments, download course materials, and much more. 

First discovered by the folks at WPCentral, the official Moodle Mobile app for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 has arrived in their respective stores. Both apps are free to download.

“Our Moodle Mobile app is a HTML5-based client that connects to an installed Moodle server. It does not try to replicate everything that Moodle does – we are focused on providing features that are most useful on a standalone app, such as offline access to content, messaging and notifications,” the app description reads. Here are the key features of the app:

  • Upload a picture into your private file area
  • Record an audio file and upload it into your private file area
  • Record a video and upload it into your private file area
  • Send a private message to a course participant (can be done offline)
  • Take a personal note about a course participant (can be done offline)
  • Add a course participant to your phone contact
  • Call a course participant touching the phone number
  • Locate a course participant address on Google map
  • Download and view some course resources
  • Quick access to your course contents
  • View calendar events
  • Mobile Push notifications
  • Remote layout/style customization (see below)
  • Support for sites using CAS or Shibboleth as auth methods
  • View all your past private messages and notifications
  • View your activity grades in a course

You can snag both apps via the download links below.