E3 2014: Horror title The Evil Within is coming on Xbox One, Xbox 360 this October

If you’re looking for a horror game, and not Dead Island 2-like horror, you’re in luck. Developer Tango Gameworks’ “The Evil Within” is coming to scare you on your Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other popular gaming consoles this October.

Bethesda Softworks, the publisher of the title has released an interesting teaser, where instead of revealing anything about the game, they have shown the horror a game-tester goes through while playing the game.

For those who’re unfamiliar with the plot, our protagonist, detective Sebastian Castellanos, encounters mysterious and powerful forces while investigating a mass murder. After witnessing the extermination of his fellow colleagues Castellanos loses his consciousness and what happens next will scare you!

The Evil Within will become available in North America on October 21st, and in Europe on October 24th, across all popular consoles, except Wii, of course.