Eastern Europeans can’t buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription, frustrations taken to Reddit

Nothing is worse than having an Xbox gaming console and not being able to use Xbox Live. You become restricted in so many ways. You feel incomplete. Well, one gamer from Slovenia has taken it to Reddit to vent about not being able to purchase an Xbox Live subscription. In fact, several Eastern European countries can’t even purchase the Xbox or Xbox Live.

“The situation is beyond ridiculous. We have Windows, Windows Phone and Office in our language. We can develop, publish and buy apps for W8 and WP. And yet, we still can’t buy an Xbox Live Gold subscription (this is the main reason for my open letter),” the frustrated gamer stated on Reddit.

Apparently, those who live in Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia or Slovenia, or any other Eastern European country, are unable to purchase an Xbox Live subscription. The Xbox One or previous versions of the Xbox might not even be available for sale in these countries either, but managing to get your hands on an Xbox unofficially is typically a popular thing. Or you can import.

“I want to buy an Xbox One and use all of its features with my main Slovenian account. Online gaming, Skype, watching photos on TV from my SkyDrive, free games for XBL Gold subscribers, etc. But without the XBL Gold subscription, I won’t be able to do any of that stuff,” he adds.”

Either way, if you currently own an Xbox One and have an Xbox Live Gold membership, be thankful you were able to get your hands on it with ease. Hopefully Microsoft will allow those in Eastern Europe to do the same. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to comment on this “open letter” and Microsoft have reassured us that they are actively working on bringing Xbox features to other parts of the world.

“The Xbox Live community is growing and becoming more diverse every day, with more than 48 million active members worldwide. We realize that Xbox customers around the world want to enjoy the full breadth of features Xbox Live has to offer, and we are actively working to scale the service to other parts of the world,” a Microsoft spokesperson told WinBeta.

So there you have it. Do you live in a country that doesn’t have an Xbox One or Xbox Live?

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  1. Michaël says:

    Belgium has no xbox one yet, maybe in the THIRD quartal of 2014 :o

  2. David says:

    No Xbox Live Gold for Luxembourg neither … Xbox is useless without it … either they need to change their policies and get rid of Xbox Subscription or start offering their service world wide. It’s a shame … first I bought Xbox 360 as put too much hope on the fact that Skype will come to Xbox 360 now it’s available for Xbox One and you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription … frustrating! Same as for Xbox Music … not available in Luxembourg. I decided now for Spotify and TV with integrated Skype.

  3. Ray C says:

    This doesn’t really make any sense. I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to sell the service in all countries.

  4. DigitalDaniel says:

    No Xbox One in northern Europe either (Scandinavia) and it’s mind boggling how easy Microsoft are giving Sony their market share away. All this localization talk, just excuses. We don’t need (or want) Xbox One in our language. Just put the machine for sale, let us access games and online gaming. That’s it.
    And when Microsoft keeps bragging about Xbox Live and the millions of users who get to play, well that’s just rubbing it in our faces. Not a clever move towards their own customers who spent lots of money on Xbox and Xbox 360.

    • Se3ker says:

      Exactly, EU regulations contribute to this mess also. Everything needs to be in own language, no one here uses windows in own language except for businesses. we just want to “see and use” everything someone from US or UK can. same with windows 8. we have to use all sort of account hacks to use it properly, register a Microsoft account in UK, add some bogus UK address, rig windows 8 to use English display language but keep regional formats to our own, also use English language but override the keyboard to our own. so that we can see the xbox movie trailers and listen to music, like UK music is different then we listen here. or movies need to have voice-overs in our own language which wont happen as you will have mass riots, or everyone will just switch to torrents as they do now. not to mention games which we buy with our local credit cards and then get billed by Microsoft Luxembourg which creates all sorts of tax and customs mess I imagine, but there you go EU and Microsoft. also you always complain and combat piracy with ever more complex protections which kids during school lunch break crack.. give us the change to buy your products and services and you wont have piracy. until then we aren’t buying substandard products unless we get substandard price for them. I wont even start about those new shiny PC’s listed on the windows.com site what do you think we don’t want Surface here or cant afford it? what about those new all-in-ones, we don’t want ugly desktop dinosaurs. and then you complain why apple is kicking your a** everywhere you turn.

      • DigitalDaniel says:

        Exactly. Not only that but we pay A LOT more for the games, the hardware and the XBL subscription than any other country in the world here in Norway (ok, maybe it’s worse in Brazil) and we’re getting only a small fraction of the apps and services. It’s obvious that Microsoft is catering their product for their American customers (and UK customers to a certain degree)

        I hate that the dinosaurs who run the business don’t realize that with internet it makes absolutely no sense to divide the world into zones. That’s probably one of the main reasons torrents became so popular, a torrent file does not discriminate just because you’re from another country. You get it worldwide no matter what. So it’s not hugely popular only because it’s “free”, but because it’s easy and available. It should be MY CHOICE if I want to play a game without localization or if I want to see a movie without subtitles from my country.

        My Xmas wish: That the morons behind games/movies/music industry wakes up and starts to listen to their customers instead of forcing outdated BS models on us.

        /rant over

  5. Trim Dose says:

    gawd why people buy that thing , the xbone is a complete mess

  6. Davrum says:

    Solution: Buy a PS4.

  7. Radu Tyrsina says:

    Croatia is Eastern Europe?

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