Escape from a dinosaur while riding a dragon and avoid obstacles in Skelly Rider for Windows 8.1

If you are looking for a cool new adventure game for Windows 8.1, check out Skelly Rider. This free game is simple – tap and hold to fly your dragon away from the chasing dinosaur and collect gold coins to purchase upgrades. You must also avoid obstacles such as spears and stakes.

“It’s gaining on you and terrorizing the land! It’s up to you in this endless runner game to stay out of its way. Collect gold to unlock more powerful mounts as you try to keep from becoming the devastating dino’s dinner. Fly as far as possible, explore new lands, and constantly face new dangers,” the game description reads.

Skelly Rider is an endless runner game with elements of a role-playing game, where you are controlling Skelly that is riding on the mount. This time Skelly is trying to escape from a big tyrannosaurus who is terrorizing the land.

You can collect coins while escaping from the dinosour and use those coins to purchase new outfits and more powerful mounts (the character you ride). Each mount has its own unique control system that adds to the challenge. You can also compete with players around the world in a global leaderboard.

Hit the download link below to snag the app. It’s free! It is also available for Windows Phone.