Explore and test new builds of Microsoft Security Essentials before they are publicly released

Are you a regular user of Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) on Windows 7 or Windows Vista? Wish you could partake in the latest beta program and have the ability to test the latest builds of MSE? Here’s how you can download and provide feedback to Microsoft.

“As a Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease user, you will have the opportunity to explore and test new builds of Microsoft Security Essentials before they are publically available and provide feedback to Microsoft. Your feedback helps Microsoft to make its software and services the best that they can be,” Microsoft explains.

Hit the download link below to snag version 4.6.0205.0 of MSE, which was made available on the 8th of July. You now have the ability to run the latest version of MSE before it is publicly available. Don’t forget to provide Microsoft with feedback so the product can be improved for the rest of us!

Once you download the software, you will be enrolled into the Microsoft Error Reporting, Customer Experience Improvement Program, and Microsoft Active Protection Service. Updates to MSE will automatically be installed on your computer through Microsoft Updates.

Remember, MSE is intended for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Those of you on Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 already have built-in protection against malware with Windows Defender.