This Flappy Bird style game for Windows Phone straps a jetpack onto a bird

Like it or not, Flappy Bird was a huge hit on mobile devices worldwide. The simple game required you to tap on the screen in order to move your bird up or down and avoid obstacles. Flappy Bird has also inspired a plethora of imitation games, as well as some unique ones that add a new spin to the dare-we-say classic Flappy Bird concept.

Check out Tiny Bird for Windows Phone, a free game that is inspired by Flappy Bird. In this case, Tiny Bird features a bird that has a jetpack strapped onto it. The objective is simple — help the bird make it past the obstacles, while collecting coins along the way. The game features gorgeous sceneries and the bird even sheds feathers as it flaps past obstacles. You score points by collecting the coins, unlike Flappy Bird where you are scored based on how many obstacles you avoid.

The game is lightweight as it only weighs 8MB and is available for free. Grab it via the download link below and give it a try. How many coins are you able to snag up before having to “try again?”