Flipkart and Maxthon Browser apps receive update on Windows Phone

Flipkart-Maxthon-Windows-Phone Flipkart and Maxthon Browser apps receive update on Windows Phone

Flipkart and Maxthon have updated their apps for Windows Phone. Both the updates bring exciting new features on board. While Flipkart has made its recently launched app a lot nicer, Maxthon has added a lot of things to improve the app’s navigation.

Starting with Flipkart, the leading Indian e-commerce service launched its official app last month. Bumping the version up number to v1.1, the update makes the user interface a lot better. The much needed Wish list has been brought to the app, and so has the features recommendation section. In addition, the search history works better now and inclusion of product filtering is present as well.

Windows Phone doesn’t fancy Chrome, Firefox, and many other popular browsers. However, it does have UC Browser and Maxthon Browser alongside the default Internet Explorer. UC Browser received an update a few days ago, and now it’s the time for Maxthon Browser. The update includes:

  • Transparent Tiles
  • The ability to quickly go back and forward
  • Night mode to protect your eyes while browsing in the dark
  • Scroll bar of pageviews
  • ​A new menu item to copy URL

You can snag both the apps from the download links below. Let us know how you like it.