Gameloft’s Rival Knights arrives on Windows Phone, joust like a knight against other players

Have you ever wanted to joust like a knight? Now you can with Gameloft’s latest release on Windows Phone. With Rival Knights, you can feel the rush of the medieval joust and crush your rivals in this fantastic and free game for Windows Phone.

You can challenge other players and ride your way to glory in the most realistic, accessible, and visually stunning game for your device. You can sharpen your skills with precision timing and aim, and fight against foes and rival clans across five leagues. 

The game features motion-capture animations for knights and horses, which immerses you in battle like never before. You can also enjoy stunning 3D graphics, dynamic camera angles, and lifelike graphics. Compete in breathtaking environment with changing weather conditions and time of day and send rivals flying with real-time ragdoll physics and slow-motion effects.

You can also unlock over 120 mounts, lances, armor, helms, and much more. You can also upgrade your accessories at the Blacksmith to gain the upper edge. 

Watch the gameplay trailer below and hit the download link to snag the app. Enjoy! 

Thanks for the tip, Alan!