Have fun as you improve your knowledge of the world with Worldly for Windows Phone

Looking for a fun new app for Windows Phone? Check out Worldly, a free game that puts a fun twist to a learning app. Join Sir Maxwell Worldly in his hot air balloon on a journey which spans the globe. How much do you know about our planet, its countries, and the people who live on it?

“Could you find Angola on a map? Do you know the flag of Indonesia? Which currency is used in Brazil? Where is the Laptev Sea? Join Sir Maxwell and find out, as you traverse the globe in a fun adventure,” the app description reads. Worldly is an exclusive game for Windows Phone 8.

The game is very simple. You are presented with a map and you must identify the country with a given set of letters. Grab the app for free and give it a try, since the app is exclusive to the Windows Phone platform. What’s your highest score?

You can hit the download link below to snag the free game. We’ve also embedded the gameplay footage too for your viewing pleasure.