Here are the Windows Phone 8 devices you can buy on T-Mobile

Here are the Windows Phone 8 devices you can buy on T-Mobile

For those of you on T-Mobile looking to make the move to a brand new Windows Phone device, this post is going to showcase the two available Windows Phone devices as of May 2014. If you already have a Windows Phone device on T-Mobile, you can continue reading to see how your device compares to the latest Windows Phone 8 offerings.

T-Mobile, unfortunately, only offers two Windows Phone 8 devices as of May 2014. This includes the low-end Nokia Lumia 521 and the medium range Nokia Lumia 925. Both devices are available right now for $0 upfront.

The Lumia 521 is a fantastic entry-level Windows Phone 8 device that features a 4-inch WVGA (800x480) display, powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor. The 5MP camera isn't too shabby either. On the other hand, the Lumia 925 has a fantastic 4.5-inch WXGA (1280x768) display powered by a 1.5GHz dual core processor. The 8.7MP PureView camera also kicks butt!

T-Mobile may not have a wide variety of Windows Phone options, but these two devices are fantastic nonetheless. No word on when T-Mobile might receive a new Windows Phone device, or if they will ever get a higher end device similar to the Lumia 1520. You can check out what T-Mobile has to offer by heading over to their website.

You can also check out Windows Phone 8 availability on other networks:

Lumia 521Lumia 925
4-inch WVGA (800x480)4.5-inch WXGA (1280x768)
5MP rear camera8.7MP PureView
1GHz dual core processor1.5GHz dual core processor
8GB storage, 512 RAM16GB storage, 1GB RAM
Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 4.0
1430 mAh2000 mAh

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