Here’s a simple way to disable the home button on your Surface Pro 3

The home button on the Surface Pro 3 can turn out to be annoying, since there’s a possibility that you may touch it while using the device as a tablet. Although it’s not a widespread problem, there’s a way to disable it temporarily.

The folks at Neowin recently shared a guide to help Surface Pro 3 owners disable the home button. Just follow some simple steps below, and you’ll be done in a jiffy.

First of all, open the Windows Device Manager, simply search for it using the Charms bar on your device, and select “System Devices.” From the list, select “Surface Home Button” and go to it’s properties. Go to the Driver tab, and disable it.

This should solve your woes of accidentally touching the home button by disabling it entirely. In case you decide to turn it on again, simply follow the same steps, but choose “Enable” from the Drivers section.

  • efjay

    Simple for techies maybe, the rest of the world not so much.

    • StarEy3

      Even simpler for techies that figured it out the minute they got the device :P

  • Mateer L

    the charms bar already has a start button, is there really a need for two to exist? o.O

    • Patrick

      For orientation, so you don’t have to be searching for the kickstand until you realize that you have your Surface upside down.

      • Mateer L

        haha! XD
        well that is a good point, but i meant there’ no point in having both. have either a charms bar button, or a screen button. if the screen button is important, dump the charms bar one.
        Eg: most androids have softkeys OR onscreen buttons, not both.

        • Patrick

          Because stupid OEMs are putting the Start button on the side, opposite to the power button, hence a consistent Start button placement is still necessary

          • Mateer L

            it makes no sense to have two! in Android we have either softkeys OR touch buttons. In iOS, we just have a single button, no on screen buttons. No point in having 3 ways to access the start(charms, taskbar button, keyboard button, physical button/softkeys on the screen bezel).

  • Sargon

    Why did they even move it to the side in the 1st place?
    Anyway this is why I hate capacitive buttons. They’re nothing but annoyance, whether it’s a tablet or a phone. It should be a proper hardware button.

  • PowerTc1