Hexic hits Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone with fun-filled shape-loving shenanigans

Who doesn’t love a good puzzler? The success of titles such as Candy Crush Saga, Bejewelled and other such pick-up-and-play games shows that there are legions of casual gamers who love the type of game you can dip into here and there whenever there’s a free few minutes. One such title is Hexic, and this classic color-matching puzzle game have just been unleashed on not just Windows Phone, but also Windows 8.1.

Perfect for killing time while you wait for the next bus or train to arrive, this is the type of addictive game that has lots of oh-go-on-then-just-one-more-go appeal. WinBeta absolves itself of any responsibility for any reduction in productivity that comes as a result of downloading the app on our recommendation.

This should be a game that needs little introduction, and it’s the kind of thing you’re going to either love to bits or completely hate. Here’s the feature list from the Windows Store listing for the Windows 8.1 version:

  • An all new Hexic experience!
  • Innovative new chain combos with swipe-and-match gameplay!
  • 100 challenging levels spanning 8 chapters!
  • Unlock special new Boosts and Assists to clear levels with ease!
  • Compete for high scores against friends on level-by-level leaderboards!
  • Connect to Facebook to share your high score!
  • Play Hexic your way, with easy to use mouse and touch controls!
  • Earn Xbox achievements to boost your Gamerscore!
  • Exclusive to Windows 8.1!

Hit the download links below to grab yourself a free copy or two!