Hotel Tonight app quickly helps you book your stay with just three taps and a swipe

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to book last minute rooms at a decently priced hotel, check out Hotel Tonight for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. This app, which is available for free, has already been available for Windows Phone users and has debuted in the Windows Store.

“Hotel Tonight – Last Minute Deals on Great Hotels. Book last minute hotel rooms (for up to 5 nights!) at killer rates. We make your decision super easy by showing you the day’s best hotels & values,” the app description reads.

The app lets you check into last minute hotel rooms using your Windows PC, tablet, or phone. You can book up to five nights at more than 150 destinations across the globe with this app. You can view hotel information, pricing, reviews, ratings and prices. If you find what you like, you can quickly book your stay with just three taps and a swipe. 

Windows users are receiving $40 off the first booking with the promo code WINTONIGHT. Head over to the download link below to snag the apps for your platform.