HP announces the Pavilion x360 laptop, the latest in Windows convertible laptops

The face of the computer world is changing, despite some of us grasping at the past. The traditional desktops and laptops are becoming a rare breed, though many of us still find a compelling need for these devices. Replacing them are tablets and a new style of notebooks known as convertibles.

Today, HP announced the latter, unveiling its Pavilion x360, a device that sports Windows 8.1, but doubles as both a laptop and tablet. “When you open it up, the x360 looks like an (un)conventional laptop. Oh, sure, it’s got a keyboard and it opens up clamshell-style, but that double-hinged mechanism connecting the touchscreen to the base is what makes all the difference”, the company states in an official announcement of the product.

So, what do you get in the new Pavilion x360? Three USB ports, HDMI out, Ethernet, SD card slot, SIM card capability, a generous 500 GB drive and Bluetooth.

The product is set to ship on February 26th, so it is only days away. Price is set at a rather low $399, which makes it affordable to the masses. Is it enough to sway customers over to the new Windows? That remains to be seen.