International Nurses Day: Microsoft is launching a new blog specifically about nursing issues

In celebration of International Nurses Day (May 12th), Microsoft is gearing up to launch a new “Nurses in Health” blog and the company is seeking nurses to help contribute. This new blog is specifically about nursing issues and Microsoft wants nurses to help offer stories or perspectives on improving patient care around the world.

“Today, 12 May, is International Nurses Day. Today we pay our respects to those who bravely tackle some of the most demanding tasks in healthcare. Today we remember those who embody the NHS’ 6Cs  – care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence – like no one else. Today we say ‘thank’ you to all nurses. But we also want to ask you for one more thing: Your voice,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The most interesting healthcare stories still go untold and Microsoft wants to change that. “We routinely feature views from doctors, administrators and technology specialists. But what about the people who spend the most time with patients? What about the people who have the closest view of how the health sector is changing? What about nurses?”

If you are a nurse who wants to contribute to the new Nurses in Health blog, email Microsoft at [email protected]