Internet Explorer continues unrivaled dominance, Firefox 30 and Chrome 36 off to a good start

Every month, the good folks from the Net Market Share reveal the current status of browsers and operating systems. We just got to know about the slight drop in Windows 8 and Windows XP share, while Windows 7 continued its dominance and is still growing strong. Now, it’s let’s see how various Web browsers fared in the last month.

The Internet Explorer has continued its massive dominance in the market. Internet Explorer 8 remains the most used Web browser. The stats suggest that more people have started using IE8, as its share went up from 21.25 percent to 21.56 percent

At the second sport surfs Internet Explorer 11, the current version of the giant Web browser. Its share has gone down from 17.01 percent to 16.78 percent.

The biggest fall has been marked by Chrome 35, whose share went down from 12.5 percent to 9.08 percent. Whereas, the recently launched Chrome 36 has already snagged 5.72 percent share. It’s absurd that people are still using Chrome, despite the fact that it is after their laptop’s battery.

In some other changes, the share of Internet Explorer 9 surged a bit from 9.03 percent to 9.06 percent, whereas, Firefox 30 also climbed up from 5.62 percent it had a month earlier to 9.27 percent.