Internet Explorer teams up with ESPN to bring you the ESPN FC World Cup Essentials sports hub

As part of Microsoft’s Rethink IE initiative, the company has announced a partnership with ESPN to bring soccer fans the ESPN FC World Cup Essentials sports hub to you. The sports hub will display immersive 3D artwork, thanks to technologies such as HTML5 and WebGL. On top of that, the sports hub is also perfect for touch.

“We’re excited to announce that we are working with ESPN to bring the ESPN FC World Cup Essentials sports hub to the web. Today’s launch is the latest installment in the Rethink IE initiative showcasing what’s possible on the web with innovative experiences – it works wells across all modern browsers and devices but it’s perfect for touch in Internet Explorer 11,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

You can circle the 3D globe to swipe through the information and even go back to the inaugural 1930 games in Uruguay. Microsoft is touting Internet Explorer 11 as the perfect browser for touch, pinch and zoom. Using Internet Explorer 11 to browse the sports hub allows you to learn about your favorite team, player, or match right at your fingertips.

“The World Cup is one of sports most storied events, and inspires a tremendous amount of passion and loyalty from fans around globe. The World Cup Essentials site will provide an excellent complement to the comprehensive match coverage ESPN will be providing on television and the web. Working with IE allows us to use the power of the modern browser on the web to surround the beautiful game for millions of fans,” said Bryan McAleer, Associate Director, ESPN Marketing.

Hit the VIA link below to check it out.