Jan 26th
Jan 25th

It’s almost kick-off time and Microsoft is unveiling its full Super Bowl ad

We are only hours away from kick-off of the big game. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos have completed all preparation, and now it’s a matter of sitting back and watching who comes out on top. However, the game is only half of the story where the Super Bowl is involved.

Ads play a huge part in the game, in fact they are one of the primary reasons that some people actually bother tuning in. If you paid attention during the season, you likely realized that the Redmond company has partnered with the NFL, including making the Surface the official tablet of the league.

Microsoft also has an ad planned for the big game, and despite that it hasn’t actually started, you can now see the entire one minute video in advance.

This isn’t the ordinary game ad, which have a tendency to lend a sense of humor to things. Instead Microsoft has gone the route of showing what technology can do help those less fortunate, including people with no voice, or even missing limbs. It is a heartbreaking, yet also hopeful, look at the technology being employed in today’s world.


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