Jewel Fever is an addictive and fun puzzle matching game for Windows 8.1

The Windows Store is home to quite a few entertaining and fun games for the Windows platform and today we are highlighting Jewel Fever. This app is free and is a simple jewel matching game featuring three modes – normal, quick, and infinite.

The app features a normal mode, in which you advance to the next level when you match the required number of jewels as it’s shown in the upper part of the screen. There is also a quick mode, which has you trying to match as many jewels as you can in 60 seconds. Then there is an infinite mode, where you have unlimited time so you won’t be surprised by any “game over” messages.

Just recently the app was updated to fix an issue with an advertisement  blocking you from moving any jewels. This issue has since been resolved. 

The app features beautiful graphics and a steady frame rate of 30 FPS on most devices. There is also support for Windows RT, as well as Windows 8. Hit the download link below to snag the app, and let us know if you like it!