As of June 1st 2014, Internet Explorer 8 still dominates the browser market share

While Internet Explorer 11 may be in second place when it comes to the browser market share, there is no shying away from the fact that Internet Explorer 8 has been the top browser for quite some time now. Internet Explorer 8 made its debut with Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system, which, not surprisingly, also dominates in market share.

According to the latest data from NetApplications, Internet Explorer 8 holds a 20.89% market share. Internet Explorer 11 is in second place with a 17.03% share, while Internet Explorer 9 holds a 9.05% share. Google’s Chrome 34 holds a 8.81% share, while Mozilla’s Firefox 29 holds a 8.48% share.

Internet Explorer 11 is close to taking over Internet Explorer 8, but it will take a few more months. Windows 7 currently commands 50% of the operating system market share, having recently increased to 50.06%.