Kill all the vegetables and play as a chocolate donut in Brutal Donut for Windows 8.1

Looking for a fun game to try out? Give Brutal Donut a shot, where you play as a chocolate donut who has to kill all the veggies! The game is simply, fun, and features a great up-beat soundtrack.

“Caught in a car accident in the middle of the countryside, a poor chocolate donut rolls deep into a garden filled with pastry-hating vegetables. Left for dead by these merciless plants, he swears to take his revenge and transforms into Brutal Donut! Help Brutal Donut, explore the various worlds, and squash all those vegetables!”

The gameplay is very simple. Tap or use your mouse to sling the chocolate donut towards the veggies in order to destroy them. You have to find the best angle to make the perfect shot, bounce and do maximum damage! But be careful, do not hit brutal’s girlfriend! This game has a bit of an Angry Birds feel to it, except you are slinging a donut and not a bird.

“Brutal Donut is a harmless way for people to take a little fun revenge on health food,” says the development team. “The engines runs smoothly, so gamers will enjoy fast-paced action play. The high-resolution screen really helps the characters come to life in an entertaining way.” 

Grab the app via the download link below. It runs for $1.49, but you can snag a free trial that offers you four levels. We recommend snagging the trial so you can see how the game is.