Latest Cortana update for Windows Phone 8.1 is just the “tip of the iceberg”

Microsoft recently rolled out an update for Cortana on Windows Phone 8.1, which introduced a number of fixes, changes and improvements to the virtual assistant Not all is as it seems though, as according to a source within the walls of Microsoft, the company rolled out more than what meets the eye.

Talderon, a user active on the Windows Phone Central forums is an apparent employee at Microsoft, and has better knowledge than many on Cortana’s current development stage. According to Talderon, the latest Cortana update included more than what was actually enabled, and that the most recent update was just the “tip of the iceberg” as to what’s to come.

Talderon didn’t go in the specifics as to what wasn’t enabled in the update, but one thing is for sure, Microsoft are currently in the process of “laying the groundwork” for many of those un-activated features, and that Microsoft are currently testing them on an internal network within Microsoft.

It’s possible that we will see the next set of large updates for Cortana later this month, as Microsoft has committed to two updates per month for the virtual assistant. We recently heard that the UK was going to receive Cortana later this month, hopefully alongside the next major update. Until then, stick around at for more.

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  1. StarEy3 says:

    I want Cortana to be able to turn the volume up or down and same for the brightness, in fact, she should be able to change any of your device’s settings upon request

    • BreVDD says:

      True… already some are availabe but not all. (I miss the volume controle the most.)

    • John McIlhinney says:

      I would agree with that. That would be most useful when listen to music, particularly via Bluetooth headphones. If you have the phone in your hand then using the physical volume control is probably less trouble than using using Cortana anyway but if the phone is in a pocket or bag then using Cortana via headphones is far more convenient.

  2. Sargon says:

    I just hope they keep Cortana as a windows exclusive service. I’d hate to see it for Android and iOS…. But with Microsoft’s new “everything should get priority over WP” mind-set I wouldn’t be surprised if Cortana for iOS and Android became a reality. And then Cortana will always be outdated on WP.

    • BreVDD says:

      No way!!! They should never do that!
      (I can’t describe how much I would hate Microsoft if they do that! – I think they aren’t that stupid?)

      (One bright side: It’s all serverside so WP would normlaly be updated too ^^)

      • Sargon says:

        Well you know how they keep saying they are a services company now regardless of platform, and they are committed seeing how Skype, touch-based office, Bing, etc are all getting updated on competing platforms first. I fear it’s only a matter if time before “Cortana service” appears on a mac or iOS.

        • BreVDD says:

          I’ve just be thinking… Microsoft told/wanted Cortana to be a killer-feature for WP…
          If they don’t change that plan, it would be stupid to give the killer-feature to the competing platforms…

          Well… in one way some things of Apple are already powered by Bing, so they are already using ‘the power of Bing/Cortana’ …?
          (Also, if you use Bing and set your ‘interests’ it shows up on your bing-startpage … in someway Cortana is already there too. – But that’s not really a bad thing.)

          I think too Microsoft is really stupid by pushing WP to the background but in some ways it’s a (little!) bit understandable, they totally can’t justify giving HER to the others…

          Maybe you could say giving a limited Cortana-app to iOS should show her power to the iOS users and let them switch to Windows Phone. (But I don’t think that will work / is a good idea…)

          • kamranm1200 says:

            No if they were to make it available for iOS they wouldn’t limit Cortana. That would be a really STUPID thing to do. NOBODY likes limitations.

        • arrow2010 says:

          Google has a “Google Now” app on iOS, so I def see MS doing the same for iOS. However an app is not the same as having full OS integration.

    • StarEy3 says:

      But then, Cortana would never be outdated on WP, all of her features are server-sided

      • Sargon says:

        Oh they’d find a way to make her outdated.

        • StarEy3 says:

          Nope, it will always be as outdated as yesterday’s newspaper, because they add at least 1 new voice recording every day

          • Sargon says:

            While most of her exists on the server some parts are still on the device, integrated into the OS. That part might still get outdated some day, because NEW MICROSOFT prefers iOS.

          • StarEy3 says:

            Is not that, is that they’re playing it smart, this is pretty much how Google made Android popular, by having all of their services available everywhere before their own ecosystem, I wouldn’t be surprised if WP suddenly became better & more popular than Android because of this

          • Sargon says:

            But you see, android or chrome became popular, because Google’s services worked better on their platforms. That is not always the case with Microsoft… At least for now.

            What I mean is sure they can offer Skype, Bing, outlook, etc on other platforms, but they MUST MAKE SURE that they work best on Windows and WP. Right now, for example, mobile-Skype is best on android.

          • StarEy3 says:

            Yeah, they’re focusing on the OS itself for now, I’m pretty sure that when they catch up they will start making their apps better on WP than on rival platforms

          • Robert Kegel says:

            After reading the comments between you two I agree with both of you. I do think Microsoft services should be best on Microsoft’s hardware.

            I also agree that Microsoft bringing their services to other OS’ could help Windows phone (but only if the services are better on Windows and Windows Phone).

            On that note I doubt that Cortana will be made for Android or iOS.

            1) most of Cortana’s functions are server side and I don’t think Google nor apple would want their hardware always connected to Microsofts servers.

            2) Both Google and apple are invested in their own voice assistants so I doubt they’d let Cortana on their OS’ in fear it would take away from their own technology.

            I doubt it will happen.

          • kamranm1200 says:

            I think it will. Cortana wouldn’t be able to be connected to Microsoft’s servers all the time on iOS, mainly because it’s locked down, and anyway if they make Cortana available on iOS it would be available as an app, which wouldn’t be able to stay connected all the time.

          • rednibkram says:

            I disagree. mobile-Skype is NOT better on Android. On Windows Phone 8.1 Skype is integrated into the WP OS. It allows for phone calls to be automatically switched from phone to Skype with the touch of a button. You CANNOT do that on Andoid. Also, Cortana can launch Skype and call a contact by voice command. Google Now can only launch Skype, but won’t allow you to voice command call a contact on Skype.

          • Sargon says:

            Who cares about integration with cortana or OS itself? Cortana is available only in the US. Android can send and receive files, WP cannot. That’s a major disadvantage.
            Emoticons are also static and not animated on WP and we cannot edit sent messages.

          • rednibkram says:

            What do you mean Android and send and receive file, WP cannnot?” Since when can’t WP send files? WP can send files (called “share” files) via email, SMS, NFC, and bluetooth. So in what way can Android send a file tha WP can’t?
            Are you really that desperate to make Android out to be better then Windows Phone that you would sink to Emoticons? Really!? How do you “edit sent messages” in Android? What type of messages are you referring to? SMS?

          • Sargon says:

            What? is this some lame attempt to troll me? I thought we were talking about Skype here. We can’t send and receive files VIA SKYPE. We get that idiotic “Receiving files is not supported on this device” message.
            Recently they added the ability to send files via Skype for iOS too.
            Also as I said Skype has no animated emoticons and can’t edit sent messages. While the fancy version of Skype on iOS can.

    • Aaditya Menon says:

      Windows , Windows Phone and Xbox exclusive would be better…………….

  3. robertwade says:

    Still not seeing the updated Cortana on either my 920 or 1020.

  4. I want to change the response of Cortana’s Reply of Quiet Hours mode

  5. Aaditya Menon says:


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