Live Lock Themes lets you customize the lock screen on Windows Phone 8.1

Not too long ago, Microsoft released the Live Lock Screen beta app for Windows Phone 8.1 users, giving them the ability to customize the appearance of their lock screens, with six unique lock screens to choose from. If you’re looking for a simple way to add attractive wallpapers to those lock screens, take a look at the Live Lock Themes app.

As the name suggests, the app give users the ability to add attractive wallpapers to your lock screen, making it unique and better. Before you install this app, make sure you have the Live Lock Screen Beta app installed on your device — it won’t work otherwise. The app has a gallery of wallpapers and themes you could apply.

“Beautiful Lock Screen backgrounds for Live Lock Screen Windows Phone 8.1! Live Lock Themes provides amazing lock screen wallpapers for Microsoft Live Lock Screen BETA’s 6 new lock screen layouts,” the app description reads.

The app is available as a free download in the Windows Phone Store, but make sure you’re running the latest Windows Phone 8.1, as well as the Live Lock Screen app. If you’ve already tried the app, let us know using, the comments below, about your thoughts. 

  • BreVDD

    Looks very nice :)
    Edit: Apparently it’s just a wallpaper app…

  • StarEy3

    And now we are going to have multiple lockscreen apps in no time just because why not, I really hate that!

    • nohone

      This is not an app, it is a theme.

      • StarEy3

        Weird……. Why is it a separate “App” then? Oh wait, I remember now, on Android themes are separate “apps” too

        • nohone

          How would you be able to download it if it were not available for download? Just because it is on the store does not mean it is an app. The title on that page is “Apps+Games” but they can’t name it “Apps+Games+Themes+…” otherwise the title would be too long, it would wrap off the side of the screen, and people would yell and scream how horrible MS UI design is for not wrapping text. Even though other OSes let text flow off screen. (I can’t say the name of that other OS or else I would have people claiming I am crying, I am a bigot, I am a racist, I support genocide, I am a murderer, I am a conspiracy theorist, need a psychiatrist, and more – yes, those are things that have been said about me here in the past few hours)

          • StarEy3

            90% of the things you have been called don’t make any sense.

            With that aside…..

            I’m not saying that the store itself should be modified in any way, but they could at least try to categorize it better, in the future they might allow even more things (custom keyboards & themes for them, Custom settings…) You know what I mean

          • Mateer L

            Apps, Games, Customizations <—this would've been a good categorization, but apparently the last category doesn't have enough apps/whatever you may call it, to exist.

          • nohone

            In the article about Ballmer buying the basketball team, there was a guy talking about how BillG’s charity was being used to kill people, and when I laughed at him over it, I was called a bigot, told I was creating conspiracy theories (like BillG killing people isn’t a conspiracy theory), that I go on personal attack rampages, I am off my meds (again, I am the one who needs meds), etc. The sad thing is only a few of the posts were deleted, and the true personal attacks are still there.

          • StarEy3

            Whoever says that Bill Gates charity is being used to kill people is an ignorant himself/herself, you know, if Bill Gates’ charity is being used to kill people then all others must be doing the same

          • Mateer L

            you’ve been called all those? no one calls me anything :(

          • Sargon

            Ms already lets text flow off screen, instead of wrapping it. It’s very obvious with long music or video titles… I really wish they’d wrap it or add some sort of “horizontal scrolling” animation.

  • PowerTc1