Lumia 630: A budget Windows Phone with subpar screen brightness for outdoor usage

I am wrapping up by hands-on review of the Lumia 630, and i’d like to take this time to go over the screen brightness of the Lumia 630. The Windows Phone 8.1 powered device is designed as a budget friendly device that has decent specs, for a decent price. Unfortunately, the display is subpar when you are taking pictures outdoors during a sunny day.

The Lumia 630 lacks an ambient light sensor. What does that mean, you ask? Well, consider this scenario. You are in a dark room and your smartphone automatically dims the screen’s brightness levels so you aren’t walking around with a screen that is as bright as a flashlight. The moment you step out of the dark room and into the day light, the screen will automatically increase in brightness so you can properly see the display.

Unfortunately, the Lumia 630 lacks an ambient light sensor. As you can see from the image above, it is difficult to see the screen when outdoors during a sunny day, even when the brightness is set to high. 

The Lumia 630 allows you to manually adjust your screen brightness, from low, to medium, to the maximum setting of high. Unfortunately, if you have it set on high and you enter a dark environment, you will be required to manually adjust your brightness, which you can do via the Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1.

Keep in mind that having your screen brightness to high can decrease your battery levels quickly. So if you do decide to keep your Lumia 630’s screen brightness to high when outside, make sure you adjust it immediately when you go back into the house.

In my opinion, the screen brightness on the Lumia 630 is subpar, only when you are outside taking photos during a bright sunny day. The lack of automatic brightness adjustment is also an inconvenience, but understandable since this is a budget friendly device.

My complete review of the Lumia 630 is incoming, so stay tuned.