Lumia 930 doesn’t support glance screen similar to Lumia Icon

Not too long ago, Nokia unveiled their latest Lumia 930 which can easily be considered as the international Nokia Lumia Icon – for the rest of the world. Similar to Nokia Lumia Icon, the handset also lacks a few features, including the glance screen as well as support for expandable storage. The glance screen is a very useful feature that not only displays the time, but also shows you missed call alerts, messages, and more. So, in short, its a very useful feature that’s missing from the Lumia 930.

Ever wondered why it’s not supported in the latest device? Well, the folks at WPCentral managed to sit down with Nokia, and this was one of the question that was raised. The answer as a little technical, so we’re going to get right to the point. The AMOLED display technology used in the Nokia Lumia Icon and the Lumia 930 lacks the proper display memory which is needed for the glance screen to work. 

The second question: why didn’t Nokia used the right type of AMOLED screen with display memory? The answer was simple: it’s costly. Nokia could have implemented the technology but that would have increased the price of the Lumia 930/Icon, or their profit margin might have been reduced — either of these scenarios could have been the case.

Glance screen is a pretty handy feature, and let’s just hope Nokia will be able to figure it out in the near future.

  • Chris Wright

    That is a shame. I am a really big fan of the Lumia 930, based on what I have seen so far but living without the Glance Screen may be a sacrifice I’m not prepared to make.
    Just to confirm, this is completely ruling out the possibility that Glance will ever be able to work on the 930/Icon? Also, do we know whether the 930 has a PenTile display, as most Nokia Amoled screens seem to be PenTile rather than RGB.

    • Michaël

      I heard that they will try to resolve it with a firmware update. It technically possible if they do it like the night mode of the android clock, but then always enabled in sleep mode :)

      • Daniel

        I also think, that it is possible on a technical level…

        The question is, do they plan on releasing more phones/screens like that? Because if not, re-developing Glance for only one (two if you count the US-only “Icon”) phone, may not be worth the effort.
        Or maybe its not so much effort, but comes with lots of compromises (affect on the screen’s live time, battery life, etc.)?

        I hope we get more details, I find things like this very interesting :)

  • StarEy3


  • Jorge Cordero

    how about using the cyan update to fix it? :)

    • Rayo Verweij

      Er… I’m afraid the cyan update won’t be able to replace screens on phones…

      • Jorge Cordero

        couldn’t add support to different screen types? :/

        • Rayo Verweij

          Yes, but the case is not about support for the screen types, but simply because it would cost too much.

          • Jorge Cordero

            i see

  • J. Smith

    no Glance no buy.

  • Abster

    Weren’t LG and Samsung the two S. Korean companies that raised objections (prompted by Google) against the Nokia-MS merger? Maybe they’re deliberately jacking up the price of their AMOLED screens used by Nokia for Glance? </conspiracy theory>

  • Nim Ace

    Wat a shame…