Media wall uses Kinect for Windows to promote student engagement at Liberty University

Modern libraries are becoming centers of interactive and multimedia experiences. A $50 million state of the art Liberty University library in Lynchburg, Virginia, opened to its students in January 2014. To provide interaction, the university teamed up with InfoStrat, a Kinect for Windows partner.

Upon entering the 170,000-square-foot library, students are greeted by an enormous 24×11 feet media wall, with 198 interactive tiles which are controlled by three Kinect for Windows sensors.  This media wall displays animated visualizations made up of photos provided by students and staff via social media. It enables the visitors to use hand gestures to grab these photos and view additional details.

The media wall is not limited to data submitted by some 12,000 on campus students, but also the rest of 90,000+ who are enrolled in online classes. Administrators moderate posts and remotely configure what is displayed on the media wall.

Here’s the video of the media wall: